Anton Arhipov

Anton Arhipov

Software Engineer and JRebel Product Lead


Anton Arhipov is Software Engineer and JRebel Product Lead at ZeroTurnaround. Professional interests include programming laguages, middleware and tooling.

Java enthusiast, vim fan, IntelliJ addict, Anton is also a JetBrains Academy member. Anton has delivered talks at international Java conferences: Jfokus, JavaZone, EclipseCon, JavaOne, 33rd Degree, GeeCON and various JUG meet ups.

Presentations by Anton Arhipov:

  • DevconTLV February Conference, Thursday, February 14, 2013, 13:05

    When you send a package through FedEx it goes through a tracked, automated process that makes sure that the package arrives promptly at the destination. The same should apply to every commit that you check into the trunk. Continuous Delivery describes how this process can be made fully automated and transparent and we will show you how your commits can be “fedexed” to production on application servers like JBoss, Tomcat, Weblogic and others with the help from Jenkins, LiveRebel and other tools.

    The main idea of continuous delivery is the deployment pipeline. Every commit that enters the pipeline should go through automated integration and testing and if successful, produce a release candidate. We will show how Jenkins can be used to orchestrate the process all the way to the staging environment.

    Once we're there, the most complicated phase begins. The release candidate needs to be deployed to production, without disrupting the users or introducing risks. LiveRebel makes production updates quick, automated, non-disruptive and reversible. It finishes the job and delivers the updated version right into the users hands.

    In this talk we will build a full clustered environment and a deployment pipeline so that commits into the trunk would update a live chat server while you keep on chatting.

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